Measurement technology and new technologies
Handover of the "Letter of Intent in Braunschweig
CECIP presents its vision for the European weighing industry until 2030.
On 21 November 2019, CECIP will present the vision of the European scale manufacturers in Brussels and discuss it with representatives of the EU Commission and the Member States.
From 17 to 19 September, VDMA member companies and research partners presented innovations from the fields of machining and clamping technology, measuring and testing technology, research and digital services.
Information from the trade association for your preparation for EMO Hannover 2019: Technology Forum - Press Article - Industry Meeting - Board Meeting...
Another peak in production
The EC directives (NAWID, MID), laws (MessEG), ordinances (MessEV) and standards (EN 45501) relevant for weighing instruments expressly permit the exclusive display of the mandatory data Max (maximum load), Min (minimum load), e (calibration value) and d (scale interval) for d ≠ e on the display.
The forum offers an extensive programme of lectures on innovations in the fields of machining and clamping technology, measuring and testing technology, research and digital services.
Production with new peak value
Record level of the previous year cannot be maintained
Medium-sized - globally positioned. With an export volume of € 3.7 billion in 2018, almost a third of the worldwide trade volume in measuring and testing technology comes from German production.
Production again at record level
Weighing instruments subject to legal verification must have a certificate of compatibility which confirms that the weighing modules used match.
One day before the registration deadline, the VDMA Technology Forum of the trade associations Measuring and Testing Technology and Precision Tools is fully booked.
With the help of process measurement technology, all necessary physical quantities and parameters within a value chain can be recorded. The data are used, for example, for the visualization, control or automation of process engineering processes and thus provide the basis for continuous quality assurance in production and the implementation of modern industry 4.0 concepts.
German scale manufacturers are world leaders
Spain has submitted a new draft regulation for automatic and non-automatic weighing instruments to the EU Commission for notification.
8 October 2019 in Crailsheim
The reinvention of the kilogram
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